La mia città è bellissima // Spanish Steps sunset

Spanish Steps View 3 Normally I try to avoid the Spanish Steps area of Rome at all costs. It’s a tourist trap and extremely commercially focused. I’m always so surprised by how many people come all the way to this amazing city just to spend there time on an overcrowded street of designer stores. But the other afternoon, I had a change of heart.

It began when I was running a few minutes behind on my way to an on-site lecture at the Villa Borghese for my Baroque Art History class (as per usual). I was frustrated weaving through tourists and avoiding the men selling selfie-sticks and other useless crap. It was a beautiful day though and I was very excited to be going back to my favorite art gallery in Rome.

Spanish Steps View 1

I climbed the Spanish Steps and turned around just to take a brief glance at the view on my way towards the gardens. I was stopped dead in my tracks. The sun was setting and there were rays of light peaking through epic clouds. The lighting was perfect and made the bright colored buildings pop. I took a mental picture and continued onward.

Spanish Steps View 2

A few yards forward, I stopped again to take it all in. My professor is a stickler but I decided it was worth being late for this marvelous view. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’d ever seen. The buildings were stacked layer upon layer of color all the way to the far distance. Now that I had spent several months here I was able to pick out some of my favorite landmarks. I thought to myself about the unbelievable amounts of history beneath the blazing sky. And how amazing it was that I was able to stand before it, right here, right now.

Spanish Steps View 4 (cropped)